The Integra Advantage
  • Cut cost of bookkeeping, bank charges and reconciliation expenses.
  • Eliminate the administrative and recruiting burden of in house staffing.
  • Staff and Supervisors are allowed time for profit oriented tasks.
  • Staffing flexibility based on work flow and economic needs.
  • Eliminates the expense of your company as the legal employer.
  • Manages cost containment by only paying for productive hours.
  • Eliminates termination hassle and legal issues.
  • Cuts cost of providing references, garnishments and other personnel record inquiries.
  • Eliminates W 4 reporting time, efforts & expenses.
  • Eliminates or cuts Workers' Compensation cost.
  • Eliminates drug & background screening costs.
  • Eliminates hassle of dealing with employee reprimand.
  • Supervisors on call 24/7 to cover all employee shifts.
  • Quality Control Calls - Ever wonder what employees think of your company; think something could be done better? Reduce turnover!
  • You will be assigned an Account Manager and work exclusively with one individual that knows you & your company goals, committed to long term success & company growth.
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