Frequently Asked Questions

Does Integra use E-Verify?

Yes! Integra verifies all new employees using the Government’s E-Verify Program.

What are the fees?

There are never any fees to you, our candidate! Our client employers make an investment in you by entrusting Integra to managing a portion or all of their staffing needs. You provide the dedicated talent and experience and we’ll set forth to introduce you to your next employer. However, we do charge for drug testing and some criminal background checks.

How does a candidate begin the process of being placed through Integra?

The best way to get started with Integra is to complete an online application.

When I submit an application online what do I do from there?

You can call to check that we received your application. You will be placed in our system as available for 6 months after date of application. After 6 months, your informations will need to be updated.

How long does my application stay on file?

New applications stay on file for 6 months. If you have already applied with us your application will remain active for 6 months. If you have worked for us, you application will remain of file and need to be updated.

If I have a felony will I still be eligible for job placement?


What jobs do you have available?

The types of jobs available vary from day to day. We fill our positions as soon as they come in. As a general rule, we have light industrial, clerical and productions positions.

What are your hours of operation?

Our offices are open from 8:00am-5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday